Besides the university-based focus groups and seminars, STUC presents (and has presented) at external events. These are listed below, in reverse chronological order.

STUC 2021 Summer Conference:

Date & Venue TBC


STUC shall be hosting its second conference in the summer of 2021.


Owing to Covid-19 restrictions it is yet unknown whether the conference will take place in person or virtually.

Association Bégaiement

Communication (ABC)

STUC's founder, Claire, was invited to be a keynote speaker at the ABC annual conference in Montreal, Canada. Held in October 2019, this conference was part of the association's International Stammering Awareness Day events.

Claire delivered her speech in French, to ABC members, local speech therapists and other professionals.

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Silence On Campus:

Making a Noise about Stammering


STUC hosted its first conference on January 19th 2019, in the Brunei Gallery at STUC partner SOAS' central London campus.


There were over 75 attendees in person and over a thousand live streams all over the world, from America to Australia.

International Fluency Association's (IFA) World Congress

STUC was fortunate enough to be selected to present a seminar at the IFA's World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan, in July 2018.

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